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Vident™ - the Solution to Life-like and Comfortable Artificial Teeth

Vident™ Canada

VITA manufactures its artificial teeth in Germany under carefully controlled and advanced technology. Years of research and development have resulted in their teeth being some of the most life-like and aesthetic available. In different types of light (outdoors, indoors, night clubs, etc.) VITA teeth reflect the light like natural teeth so no one can tell. The shape of VITA teeth mimics natural teeth to assist proper speech and swallowing. They are also made in multiple layers like natural teeth.

Vita artificial teeth

VITA denture teeth are some of the most respected and renowned in the industry. We are pleased to provide them as our premium teeth. The combination of aesthetics, function and durability are what we like best about VITA teeth. We pride ourselves in providing the best of quality and the best of service. While there may be less expensive alternatives in the market, our clinic is all about quality first.

To begin being fitted with a dental prosthetic, contact our office for a free consultation.

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