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Get a Whiter & Healthier Smile with Sympro Denture Cleaning

Dentures change with age. Bacterial plaque, stubborn tartar, stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine, medicines and strong nicotine build up. These deposits can change over time. They harden within a day and trap the contamination. The denture loses its luster and becomes marked and unattractive. These deposits make the denture prone to bacteria and germs, and often results in sour-tasting and bad breath, as well as a build-up of pressure spots. Additional higher risks include:

Chronic and painful gingivitis
Allergic reactions and gingival illness
Damage to healthy residual dentition
Loss of function of the denture
Dental equipment

The Solution for an Intense Clean

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks. Your denturist has specialized and highly effective cleaning methods. In just 20 minutes, your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process, and results in:

A smooth surface
Free from deposits
Free from bacteria and germs
Free from odours
Retains its function
Longer value

Just how often regular cleaning is done plays an important role. Cleaning should be carried out at least three to four times a year. This simplifies daily cleaning at home. Also, the denturist can better spot any defects (cracks, fissures or other changes) and can repair them in time.

For a whiter and healthier smile, contact our office for a denture cleaning today.

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